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About Us

With over 30 years of building, remodeling, and property management experience, I saw a need for home buyers to have an informed inspection from someone with my background.

  • Home Buyers; We help Buyers make informed decisions.
  • Sellers/Pre-listing; We help sellers making their property more appeling to buyers.
  • Rental inspections; Protecting both parties, move in and move out inspections.
  • Multi Family; Full house inspection plus a practical analysis of the property for long term durability of renting.
  • New construction; We can follow your new construction progress and report any errors or deficiencies the contractors have made before release of payments.

We also do Radon and Water testing.

During the inspection, we like you to follow us around to ask questions so you are as informed as possible before making one of your largest purchases.

After the inspection, we provide you with a full itemized report with pictures to help you understand any deficiencies and be able to further negotiate your transaction.


Files coming soon.

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B&W Home Inspection llc

(203) 305-3538


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